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robuptoncarpentry 07749259307

Rob Upton has had 28 years experience in the Building Trade.

Rob served an engineering apprenticeship when he left St.Andrews High school,Worthing. He worked at Ricardo Consulting Engineers in his home town of Shoreham-by-sea , West Sussex. Moving around the company learning all aspects of engineering including 3 months in the design and drawing office.

After 5 years at Ricardo he decided to change trade and become self-employed.As his father Alan was a carpenter and both his grandfathers were carpenters he decided to follow in their footsteps. His father said he was 'an absolute natural when he first picked up carpentry tools'.He had an extensive training including working for individual customers in their houses or working on large building sites.He worked for 6 months in Hove,West Sussex fixing varying style roofs using the traditional steel square method. When his father retired Rob carried on his own , although his father kept a close interest giving advice and occasionally coming out of retirement to help.

Rob teamed up with a plumber friend to fit Kitchens full time for an upmarket German kitchen company . He gained lots of experience working from designers drawings and methods of marking out and fitting lots of different style kitchens all over Sussex.
He also got involved in property development and loft conversions , managing sites , organising other trades, as well as working himself on the projects.

He was very happy when he was contacted in 2006 by Joslin Stonemasons based in Oxford to work on his local church.St Mary's de Haura,Shoreham-by-sea , a 900+ year old building.
This was a one off job of a lifetime working with award winning Architect and structual engineers.He had to submit drawings and create a load bearing structure to hold up the caen stone arches and chalk vaults to the vaulted ceiling. The old chalk blocks were then replaced from above, removing the old chalk on a miners style trolley designed and built by Rob.This work led to work on Chichester Cathedral , Lady Chapel renovations and work on listed buildings including one in Oxford.

Rob's greatest love is the design and building of traditional painted built in furniture. He has studied the subject and is always on the look out for ideas from architecture he sees around him. He has a natural gift for proportion and detail in his own designs. He takes great pride in his work and respect for the customers needs.

Rob is from one of the oldest families in Shoreham. His family were very involved with the Shoreham lifeboat.At one time seven Upton's were on it. Reference to the Upton's is in the local Marlipins Museum,High Street,Shoreham and in the new lifeboat station. Before the footbridge was built in Shoreham his grandfathers brother, Fred Upton used to ferry people across the river Adur. His father Alan was a local historian on Shoreham writing over 60 articles in the Shoreham Herald newspaper.
Rob's hobbies include playing guitar and uke in bands Desperate measures cover band for 20 years and Chaser,original band for 5 years.Also recording and mixing their music.


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